{ Bi-Fuel Propane and Gasoline Type 3 Kits Dedicated Natural Gas and Low Pressure Propane. I decided to store some gas. Remeber transportation in the apocalypse is extremely important. 6' x 3/8id SS over-braided propane hose with 3/8inch QD input. You will also need to move the air cleaner box out an 1-1-1/4" This could result in the frame of the generator needing to be slightly modified. With one of the more expensive pieces of, Predator 68530 (Gen-8750) Natural Gas / Propane Conversion Kit, Impco Propane Conversion Kit Onan Marquis 550 generator 5.5 HP, Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Generators. Generator conversion to propane and natural gas (without any kits) Generator conversion to propane and natural gas (without any kits) Survival Tips, Videos By Bret On December 2, 2015 No Comments. That way the family stays happy and comfortable while you wait for the power grid to come back online. form or contact us. For 26 years we have been converting more generators than anyone else. Canada please use this toll free number, Use Campbell Hausfeld To run on LPG please purchase our LPG kit that includes the carburetor LPG regulator and components to attache to a 20 LB propane tank (gas grill regulators will not work) carburetor and will render an engine on the emergency generator useless. If you have any interest in them or just want some more information. 416 Main Street * Summersville * West Virginia * 26651. After installing this kit, your generator will be able to run on natural gas, propane or gasoline (sometimes called a tri-fuel generator conversion). That is where natural gas conversion kits for generators come in handy. This carburetor kit can be installed on most imported generators running engines with engines in the 360cc through 420cc range (11-14hp). Chart that should help you decide what is your best kit choice. You can also convert your generator to natural gas or propane beforehand. Item #2881839. You can at least follow the link to Amazon and see the reviews that are for that product. So I am going to try and explain the differences and save you some time on buying a natural gas conversion kit for the generator. You can use the 100# (24 gallon) cylinders, little bar-b-q grill type // -->